Planning a good home for retirement should be in everyone’s mind. You need to prepare yourself for life after retirement by planning a house that will meet your old age needs. The most important thing is to have a house that will take into account your waning strength and possible difficulty in movement.  

So, what should you look out for when planning a retirement home? Today, we have multigenerational house plans that take into account all the stages of life. Though a bit expensive, they worth it. However, if you are forward to buying a new retirement home, you need to look for a few factors. We’ve put together some of the crucial features that make a perfect retirement home. 

 Here are 10 things that make a perfect retirement home:

1. Single-Level Design 

One of the crucial factors that you need to check out for is the design of the house. For an ideal retirement home, it is highly recommended that you go for a single-level design. These designs offer better ease of movement features. As you age, climbing stairs will become a challenging task. It is also very risky since you can easily fall and sustain serious injuries. It even gets complicated if you are using a walker to move around. But if it is a multi-story, make sure there is an elevator. 

2. Elderly-friendly Plumbing 

The plumbing system is an important feature when planning a retirement home. You need a bathroom and kitchen that will be easy to use even when the movement will be a problem. So, work with a professional plumber, such as Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions, to help you design a kitchen and bathroom that will suit your elderly needs. That should include installing tubs, toilets, and sinks that accommodates elderly needs. You should also consider having twists free faucets in the kitchen. 

3. Wheelchair Access 

The house should be designed to enable wheelchair access. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, shower, or tubs, the design of the house should allow for the use of a wheelchair. At some stage in your retirement, you might need to use a wheelchair. That’s why the plan of the house should accommodate you if that time comes. Make sure that the corridors are wide enough same as all doors.   

woman using wheelchair inside the house

4. Multi-level Counters 

The other feature that you need to check is the kind of counters used in the house. For a retirement home, you need to consider multi-level counters seriously. These are special counters that allow for the height adjustment. Just imagine a scenario where you are using a wheelchair. This means you cannot use the normal counter height. If you have the typical counters, then you will be unable to use them. But multi-level counters, you will be able to adjust the height to suit your current needs. 

5. Remote-Control Windows 

One of the key elements to consider when buying or designing a retirement home is to get rid of physically demanding tasks. One of them is closing and opening windows. As you age into your retirement, these activities will turn to be energy-consuming and tiresome. Sometimes almost impossible, especially when you don’t have the physical energy to move around. That’s why remote-controlled blinds and windows are essential features for a retirement home. They make it easy to operate blinds even when you are not doing well health-wise. 

6. Easy To Work With Shelving 

The choice of shelving for a retirement home should offer ease of use features. They should not be physically engaging because older people will find them difficult to use. Pull-out and pull-down shelves are the best for elderly homes. They are easy to open since they do not require a lot of force to open. However, you need to check the size of the shelves since it can make a difference. Go for relatively smaller shelving because they are easy to use. 

7. Slip-resistant Surfaces 

One of the biggest problems that you have to deal with during old age is slip accidents. With your physical strength waning, you will get prone to slip accidents. That’s why you need to address the issue from the onset, and one thing that you need to consider is installing slip resistance surfaces. Your floor should be rough and offer absolute slip resistance. However, you need to put more emphasis on the bathroom floor. It is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house when it comes to slip accidents. 

8. Open Floor Plan 

The open floor plan is another factor that makes an ideal retirement home. Because of the difficulty moving around the house, you need a plan that makes movement within the main parts of the house easy. The open floor plan is the most recommended plan for elderly citizens. The plan has the kitchen, living room, and dining generally easy to access even when using a wheelchair or a walker. The few twists within these rooms make it to manoeuvre. 

9. Bright, Functional Lighting 

well lit living room of the house

The other factor that you need to take into consideration for a retirement home is proper lighting. With old age comes the loss of eyesight. So, you need to have a standard lighting system that is bright to enable you to see and read and at the same time healthy for your failing eyesight. A sound lighting system should also include excellent light lighting during the day. So, you a good interior design to ensure that the room is lit natural light during the day.  

10. Lowered Electrical Switches 

Last but not least of things that make a good retirement home is lowered electrical switches. Electricity is crucial for every home, and that’s it must feature in your retirement home plan. Make sure that all electrical switches are placed at a friendly height even for the time you could be using a wheelchair. 

To plan a good retirement home, you must take into account several years ahead when your strength will be waning. That’s how you get an ideal home. If you need a quote to help plan your bathroom or kitchen renovation contact Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions using the following details:

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