Asia has some of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the beautiful climate, breathtaking landscapes, beaches, and beautiful culture of the people, there is a lot to enjoy in most of the Asia countries. It is also essential to note that life in most of these countries is very cheap.  

If you have plans to live in Asia for a short business, education, or just travel, which countries should you have on your bucket list? This article has put together 10 of the best Asian countries to live in based on people’s experiences. Here the 10 top Asian countries to live in for a short period of education, business, and travel. 

1. Thailand 

Bangkok Thailand

Thailand is one of the top-ranked study, business, and travel destinations in Asia and the world. The country is beautiful and thus, applying for a visa to Thailand is the best decision you can make. You can travel in many capacities, but students have the best experience. 

You can apply for a student visa to join schools in Thailand. The good thing is that the government gives even students studying martial arts in Thailand education visas. Just find a martial art school, apply to join, and get an educational visa. Then you can travel the country with this visa as well as learn a new skill. 

2. India 

India is one of the top destinations for education, business, and travel in the world. The country has a variety and mix of cultures that would catch your attention when you visit the country. The number of higher learning institutions is also something that would make you travel to India to study.  

Did you know universities in India charge a considerably lower amount of fees? Yes, that is true, but they still offer very high-quality educational programs. Tourist attractions and beautiful sites, and different types of foods are available in India, making a student’s life fascinating and satisfying.   

3. Singapore 

Singapore is another top-ranking tourist destination in Asia. It has some of the most exciting tourist attractions, including beaches and scenic landscapes. The culture of people is beautiful and very welcoming. This is what tourists like about Singapore. If you want to do business, the country has one of the most favourable business environments in Asia. 

For students moving to this country to study are assured of high quality of education. The country has some of the best learning institutions in Asia. There are also many martial arts schools for those who want to learn self-defence skills. 

4. Malaysia 

KL malaysia at night

Malaysia is an excellent education, business, and travel destination in Asia. It has embraced highly ranked universities from the United Kingdom and collaborated with them to form branches. Through such arrangements, they offer the same quality of education at lower fees. The attractive and natural sites in Malaysia will make you want to stay there longer. 

The living expenses, especially for international students living in Malaysia, are considerably low and affordable. Moreover, cities such as Kuala Lumpur are affordable to international students. Additionally, international students can travel around the cities without book hotels since they already have hostels. 

5. China 

Besides boasting a rich history marked with ancient buildings, China has one of the world’s best education systems. The country has a great mix of modern and ancient cultures that any prospective international student may wish to explore. Furthermore, most Chinese universities are ranked as the best in research.  

The Chinese government is offering scholarships to international students to encourage them to study there. Holidays for international students are more fulfilling as China offers some of the most attractive tourist sites and scenery. 

6. Japan 

Japan is ranked among the top ten countries that offer some of the world’s best educational programs. The country has also embraced an English-based curriculum encouraging many international students. The country is also good for business and tourism. You will like its beaches and the beautiful landscapes. 

Japan's old town view

However, Japan is probably best known for its rich martial culture. There are so many martial schools in Japan you can join for various hand to hand combat training. Just Google or find reviews of some of the best martial schools in Tokyo, Osaka and other big cities.  

7. Taiwan 

Located just on the south coast of China, Taiwan is also one of Asia’s most admirable education, business, and travel destinations. Taiwan’s institutions of higher learning are ranked among the top five in Asia. The universities also offer career advice for all their prospective international students. 

Taiwan awards international students with scholarships on merit. The arrangement allows bright international students to study without fees to get a chance to achieve their dreams. Apart from education, you will love the natural beauty of this country. It has exciting landscapes and scenic beaches for travellers. 

8. The Philippines 

The Philippines has plenty to offer to international visitors. The country has a beautiful climate, scenic landscapes, exotic beaches, and many other attractions. Education in the Philippines is relatively affordable compared to other universities in the world. At one time, it was the second cheapest country to study in Asia. Filipino people are friendly and welcoming, making visitors enjoy their stay. There are also many martial arts schools for those looking to learn self-defence skills.  

the beautiful philippines

9. Vietnam 

Vietnam is another popular destination in Asia for students, business deals, and travel. For travellers, there is so much to experience, including the beautiful culture of the people. The landscape is great, and you will like the beaches among many other attractions. The country’s institutions of higher learning offer excellent opportunities to international students. 

10. Bahrain 

Even though Bahrain is relatively smaller than other Asian countries, it boasts some of the best world heritage sites. The country has beautiful weather and good laws that accommodate international visitors. The climate is beautiful and there so many tourist spots to visit during your stay. For business, Bahrain laws lead to ease of doing business for international investors. It’s a perfect place to stay in Asia. 

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